Top five defenders of NBA 2018-19

Now, all you basketball fans out there, you know that basketball is not only about shooting at those hoops. It's just as importantly about defending. People argue that basketball is all about offence. Never will you see a group of guys playing basketball, and even one of them actually trying to anticipate passes or block them. It always has been the crossovers and the dunks. But a strong defence is as vital as it gets. A well organized and staged defence can help minimize the ball time which the opponent gets and may prove to be a game changer at higher levels of competition.

Today we are going to have a look at the most successful defenders of the 2018-19 season who have made their names in the NBA news so far.


Rudy GOBERT was the Defensive Player of the year for the 2017-18 season despite missing 26 games last year. He was the perfect rim protector and defensive anchor for the Utah Jazz last season. Rudy is number 5 on our list this year. Only if he would have played enough games to qualify for end-of-season leaderboards, there is no doubts whatsoever that he would’ve finished with second rank in blocks at an amazing rate of 2.3 per game and a ninth rank in rebounds with  10.7 per game.


The two time Defensive Player of the Year (2016 and 2017), Kawhi Leonard of the Toronto Raptors, is fourth in our list. He is surely eyeing a third DPOY and given his current form he might even end up winning it this season. The Toronto Raptors were the NBA’s fifth-best defense last season. If they are to improve on their previous years performance, Kawhi Leonard needs to find his best yet again.


No wonder the Toronto Raptors are one of the best defensive teams in the league. The number three on our list is another player who dons the Toronto colors. Siakam has been one of Raptors’ most reliable defenders. The fact that he is strategically able to place himself between a ball hander and the basket is as impressive as it gets.

And it compliments his ability to race back in transition just after a goal has been scored to prevent counter attacks. He is 6 foot 9 inches tall and is one of the most versatile defenders. He can literally guard any position you place him at.


Though Joel is not one of the most agile defenders, he can really trouble the opponents when he is switched onto the perimeter. It's Joel's fifth season with the 76ers and he has settled quite well into the team, and being a senior in the team has made it really comfortable for the youngsters. Philly’s defense looks even stronger in this 2018-19 season and Joel's the one to be thanked.


Anthony Davis has carried his form into the 2018-19 season from the last season. The league’s reigning shot-blocker from last season, Anthony Davis is the first on our list. He looks all set to win his first major NBA award to his trophy case. He was second to Rudy GOBERT in DPOY voting last season and finished with an All-Defensive First Team honors alongside Rudy. But this time he seemed determined to win the title for himself.

The 5 Worst Players To Be Selected as All Star

Many people are surprised when they hear that NBA players such as Toni Kukoc, Lamar Odom, and Ron Harper have never been selected as All Star players. This is even more surprising when you take into consideration the fact that in Kukoc was chosen as the Sixth Man of the Year and won 3 championships with the Bulls, Lamar Odom won the same recognition as the Croat and managed to win 2 championships, while Harper won an amazing 5 NBA championships.

However, for every Toni Kukoc there is a James Donaldson i.e. a completely anonymous player these days who managed to get selected as All Star during his NBA tenure. Let's look at five such players, together with Donaldson, who managed to become an All Star even though they didn't really deserve it.
James Donaldson
Donaldson is a relatively unknown name to  NBA fans who didn't have the chance to follow the NBA back in the 80s. Even to fans watching NBA in that time, Donaldson might still have been an unknown quantity.
Donaldson was a 7’2” center for the Dallas Mavericks who only excelled in rebounds and not much else. Even when you consider his numbers for rebounds, it is obvious that an average of 9.8 rebounds in a supposedly All Star year for the tall Maverick is not a very good return. Especially when you take into consideration his measly 7.1 points per game.
Jamaal Magloire
Magloire was selected as an All Star back in 2004 when he was averaging 12.1 points and 9.4 assists for a not very bad New Orleans side. However, considering that Carlos Boozer was left out of the squad with much better numbers (he averaged 15.5 points and 11.4 rebounds), Magloire inclusion raised more than a few eyebrows.
Wally Szczerbiak
Szczerbiak was one of the best 3 point shooters in the league back in the early 2000s, but he was not much else. He relied heavily on the creativity of team mates such as Chauncey Billups, Kevin Garnett, and Terrell Brandon.
Wally scored a lot of lucky three pointers during matches and his 19 points per game average was nothing more than a player relying too much on other people's work. With luck such as his one and with a good total of 19 you could argue that he would boss most blackjack tables such as the ones you can see if you click here, but he cannot be considered as a top NBA player.
Mehmet Okur
Okur was a solid center for Utah Jazz for a couple of years, but he was never really an All Star material. Nevertheless, the tall Jazz center still managed to get in the Western Conference All Star team in the 2006-2007 season with an average of 17.9 points and 7.5 rebounds.
Anthony Mason
Mason won his first and last All Star spot in 2000-2001. He had a decent season with Miami Heat and averaged 15.5 points and 9.6 rebounds, but Elton Brand had much better numbers and deserved the invite instead.

Effective Two-strike Hitting in Baseball

More hitters have been finding that their number of strikeouts has been rising because of the attempts they make in driving the ball for more bases. Most hitters who possess the ability to hit the ball out of the park prefer driving the ball and then strikeout during a good swing, rather than choke up and hit the ground ball to the next baseman. It is true, most hitters don’t like changing their methods, though you can still reduce your swing and drive the baseball effectively. When the baseball season is over, it is time to work on your hitting and bring down the number of strikeouts to the lowest possible value. It is the time to also work on your performance and physique. You can use legal steroids for performance enhancement and build your physique faster. Steroids can be obtained with ease at Numbers is what that counts in a baseball game, and you can improve on that by doing the two-strike effectively with the following adjustments.
Choking up on the bat
Doing this improves your control on the bat by having it feel less heavy in your hands. This makes it more balanced, though you will have to do away with a little whip.  You are also able to reduce your swing as the distance between your hands and the barrel is reduced, allowing your bat to cover a shorter distance. The shorter the swing, the quicker it will be. The reduced distance that the bat covers quickens your swing. It is important to note that when you choke the bat, you will certainly lose your whip which can lead to a pop off the bat.
Spreading out your stance
Doing this means your body movement will be reduced. It is quite helpful when one is making contact. During your swing, if you have few moving parts, you can hit the ball with more ease. A stance which is spread keeps your head still. If you are able to reduce your head movements, there is a greater chance of becoming one of the best hitters. It is hard to hit the ball if you are not able to see it. The more you minimize your head movements, the more you can see the ball.
Moving closer to the plate
This allows you to have better coverage on the outside parts of the plate. This is surely one of the best approaches. Many pitches used by a pitcher in getting out are usually on the outermost part of the plate. The closer you are to the pitch, the less room for errors. However, moving close to the plate can make it a bit hard for both the hitters and the pitchers.
Mental adjustments
Making mental adjustments is equally as important as the above adjustments. They help the hitter in changing his approach.  Some of these mental adjustments include seeing the ball for the longest time possible, hitting the ball up the middle, hitting the ball to the opposite field, and letting the ball get deep in the strike zone. It is recommended to choose one; the one that you feel is effective for your two-strike approach.