Golden State Warriors: Predictions for the December road trip

As Bob Fitzgerald has pointed out in multiple broadcasts, the next six games mark the longest road trip of the year for the Warriors. Luckily for Golden State, they play two of the NBA’s cellar teams in Detroit and Washington. While no game is guaranteed, the Warriors are in a great position to return home with a reasonably respectable road trip.

It’s been a while since I’ve done some predictions here on Bases and Baskets, but here’s a game-by-game look at a nine day and six game stretch for a team that has been gaining a lot of confidence.

Also, while I don’t want to exaggerate the importance of this stretch, the Warriors do have a decent amount at stake here. It doesn’t have a lot of importance as to whether or not they make the playoffs, but I think it will be a reasonable look at just how they might perform in the playoffs if they do make it that far.

12/5 – Warriors (10-7) vs. Pistons (6-13)

The Warriors have the bitter taste of losing from the final game of the home stand against Orlando. Expect them to come out ready to start this road stretch out strong. I’m looking for the Warriors backcourt trio of Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Jarrett Jack to go off even if Greg Monroe can keep David Lee to a modest game. This win would put the Warriors over .500 for the season on the road (5-4).

Prediction: Warriors WIN, 103-94

12/7 – Warriors vs. Nets (11-6)

The Nets have lost some tough games recently—and they can empathize with the San Antonio Spurs as to bad luck with the scheduling. Getting both of the 2012 NBA Finals teams is not easy, and they lost both of those but were on a five game winning streak before that, including big wins over the New York Knicks and Los Angeles Clippers. Deron Williams dropped five threes on Tuesday and he will probably have his way with Steph Curry in this game.

Prediction: Warriors LOSE, 108-96

12/8 – Warriors vs. Wizards (2-13)

The Wizards just beat the Heat. The Warriors should learn from that and realize no game is a given win. They'll do that, and this one will be all Warriors.

Prediction: Warriors WIN, 101-89

12/10 – Warriors vs. Bobcats (7-9)

In 16 games, the Bobcats have managed to get as many wins as they did during all of the 2011-12 season. Somehow they have managed to put it together behind Kemba Walker and former Los Angeles Laker, Ramon Sessions. This should be a close team between two teams that are desperate to prove that they have changed their respective losing cultures. I still think the Dubs can pull this one out at the end of the game with David Lee and Carl Landry showing their energy on the inside is something to be expected on a nightly basis.

Prediction: Warriors WIN, 94-92

12/12 – Warriors vs. Heat (12-4)

This one’s either going to go really well or really poorly but I’m going to gamble on this one and say the Dubs can get it together and have a lights-out shooting night. The Warriors are much deeper than the Heat even though the front ends of their organizations have a tremendous disparity. Last season the Warriors beat the Heat in what was their version of the NBA Finals (since they didn't make the playoffs) and they know what needs to be done to beat the NBA’s best team…at least during the regular season, that is. I’m going to go out on a limb for this game in South Beach.

Prediction: Warriors WIN, 110-105

12/14 – Warriors vs. Magic (7-10)

The first night of a back-to-back will be another difficult game for the Warriors to pull off in the road. Although they are lucky to stay in the state of Florida after the Miami game, this one will end up similar to the last because the Magic are simply better than their record shows. Jameer Nelson and Glen "Big Baby" Davis will take this one in Orlando.

Prediction: Warriors LOSE, 105-99

12/15 – Warriors vs. Hawks (9-5)

The energy that the Hawks bring to the court is something that is respected by all NBA teams. For this game, the Warriors will struggle to keep up with an energetic Josh Smith and Lou Williams. Atlanta matches up very well against Golden State and this game will signal the Warriors are ready to head back to Oakland.

Prediction: Warriors LOSE, 104-94

Overall, Golden State has a realistic shot to make this a solid road trip. If they can continue to play as a unit, their chemistry has the potential to overcome the lack of bona fide NBA superstars. Depth, shooting, post presence, and defensive energy can get the Warriors back home with a very respectable 4-3 record.


  1. I think they'll go 4-3 as well, but flip-flop the Magic and Heat games. They should get some redemption against Orlando and you know that it's a huge challenge to beat the Heat on the road, let alone the Warriors. Realistically, I'd switch these games, but anything can happen.

  2. You're suggestion is definitely the more conventional one haha. I just think the Warriors have a habit of playing very well against great teams and have done less than spectacularly against some of the lesser teams - but I'm still gambling with those games, no doubt. The Heat lost to the Wizards yesterday so anything is possible... Either way 4-3 would be a very impressive stretch on the road.

  3. I have to give you credit for this, Elijah. Excellent prediction.

  4. I thought you were referring to the "bar fight" quote from KG.

  5. Haha no, the video says it all. The league is officially on watch because these Warriors are ready to compete with the best.


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