Best Value NBA Stars in 2015

As promised in Part I of this series, I also thought it would be worth seeing who the best value NBA stars are. It is great to land an NBA player contract at below market value but even better than that is landing an NBA star at a low price. Again, the basic metric that I created and will be using is dollars per win share (DPS). The average DPS in the NBA is 1.6 million (1.6m) and, as you would expect, there are only a handful of stars who earn less than that.

Three big names that are paid at about the going rate of 1.6m DPS are: Draymond Green, Nikola Vucevic, and Kyle Lowry. But in terms of making this ranking, there were two qualifications: 1) the player must have over eight total win shares for 2014-15 and 2) they must make less than the average DPS. Interestingly enough, there are five stars who are paid over 2m DPS: Paul Millsap, LaMarcus Aldridge, Kevin Love, Blake Griffin, and…LeBron James. Interpret from that what you wish. You’ll notice a repeat at the top of this list which is why he also made the lede photo of my discussion on why the NBA center position is alive and well.

Steph Curry and Tim Duncan both made the ranking, as expected, but might not be quite as high as you would expect them to be. And Anthony Davis is on here because he is in the final year of his rookie contract before that mega-extension kicks in.

(Note: all contract information and statistics provided by

10. Marcin Gortat, Washington Wizards - 1.3m DPS

9. Tyson Chandler, Phoenix Suns - 1.2m DPS

8. James Harden, Houston Rockets - 960k DPS

7. Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors - 724k DPS

6. Pau Gasol, Chicago Bulls - 716k DPS

5. Jonas Valanciunas, Toronto Raptors - 568k DPS

4. Tim Duncan, San Antonio Spurs - 520k DPS

3. Anthony Davis, New Orleans Pelicans - 505k DPS

2. Damian Lillard, Portland Trail Blazers - 399k DPS

1. Rudy Gobert, Utah Jazz - 126k DPS


Stay tuned for Part III of the "Value Series" where I take a look at the WORST value players in the NBA!

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