Canada Rise: The Northern Presence Growing in the NBA

If you listen to the radio or even mildly keep up with the latest in popular music, you know that the Canadiens have been atop the charts. With Toronto natives Drake and Abel Tesfaye (better known as The Weeknd) trading off spots in the Billboard Hot 100 and the top 10 in the iTunes charts, music from Canada has risen. But how about in the sports scene?

The U.S. has owned the basketball world for most of the past however-many decades but there are some noteworthy Canadiens looking to continue to represent the North. As Drake shouted out in his single Charged Up, Cory Joseph is the latest Canadien to bring home a championship. (Joseph won a title in 2014 as a member of the San Antonio Spurs and just this off-season signed with the Toronto Raptors.)

Other notable Canadien-born NBA players include the greats Kelly Olynyk and Robert Sacre as well as Sauce Castillo, Tristan Thompson, Anthony Bennett, Joel Anthony, and Sam Dalembert. Canada’s pride, though, rests in the youngster Andrew Wiggins. Wiggins capped off a solid rookie year with nods as both an All-Rookie First Team player and the NBA Rookie of the Year. Wiggins is also a Toronto native with five siblings. One of Wiggins siblings, Nick, is in fact a teammate of Andrew’s on the Minnesota Timberwolves.

While I wouldn’t go betting too much on the Minnesota Timberwolves this season, I would say that there does seem to be an upward trend of Canadiens contribution to the NBA. would be the place if you did decide you wanted to take a chance on the long shot T’wolves at making a significant splash in 2016.

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