Hoop Dreams: Basketball Betting 101

One of the most fast-paced and electrifying sports on the planet, basketball is a spectacle in and of itself as well as an exciting event for wagering. Pocketing profits from your hardwood expertise is easier than ever now with sites like http://www.legalbasketballbetting.com/ guiding players every step of the way by showing how to bet on hoops legally.  Getting started on the right foot requires a basic understanding of the various bet types for this exciting game.

Money Line Bets

Moneyline betting is the most common and accessible type of basketball wager for a beginner to understand, with wagerers betting on the outcome of the game outright. Money line bets in basketball are typically shown as an whole number with a decimal attached, and this is the multiplier by which a winning wager is calculated. For example, a bet of $100 on Golden State Warriors 1.5 will yield $150 in the event of a successful wager.

Handicap Betting

Placing a bet on a game’s handicap is a way for odds makers to make betting on a team perceived to be overmatched more attractive. A handicap bet is shown as plus or minus a number, such as Philadelphia 76ers (+14.5) and this is the figure that is added to the final score of the team wagered on to determine if the bet was successful. If the target team’s final score is more than their opponents’ when the handicap is factored in, the bet is successful and the payout is made.

Total Betting

Total betting or “totals” aims to predict the final score of a game when the points for both teams are tallied, and bettors are asked to predict whether the final score will be over or under the listed total. For instance, if a game is listed as Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Los Angeles Clippers, Over 198.5 or Under 198.5 and final score is 101-99, the bet is a winner regardless of the winning team.

Accumulator and Prop Bets

Accumulator bets are a type of advanced bet that places the results of multiple games within the same wager, requiring that all aspects be correctly predicted in order to receive a payout. Accumulator bets are usually made with multiple handicap bets, and even one team failing to win either outright or as measured via the handicap makes the bet invalid. Another type of commonly placed bet is the prop bet, which tests wagerers’ ability to accurately predict in-game scenarios such as first basket scored, first player to receive a foul or score at halftime.

Basketball is a true global sport with high profile leagues and dedicated fans around the world, and its prominence in the world of gambling stands as proof. Betting on games is a fun activity that could prove extremely lucrative to the lucky and the bold.

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