Useful Food for NBA Players That You Should Know

Basketball is may seem more of a fun game but truth be told; this is a strenuous sport full of jumping and frequent sprinting. Additionally, the sessions have short breaks and the body needs to have enough stamina, power, and energy to avoid breakdown. According to one player, while exercises and the use of enhancement gear like the one sold at is necessary, diet is the key to performance. NBA players use a highly regulated diet by their nutrition experts and the coaches.

Basic diet rules for NBA players

Whether the nutritionist is there or not, the players are guided by some rules which they never abandon as long as they are active members of a basketball club. One of the guidelines is that their diet must have low fat but have a high carb to provide the high amount of energy. It is highly recommended that they eat whole grains carbs which also provide fiber to the body. The poultry should be skinless while the red meat should be lean. Health fats from nuts and avocado are also recommended.

The breakfast

It is the fuel NBA stars needs for the whole day training or playing. There is a business of high-carb breakfast for the right energy. Bread like a bagel, vegetable-rich scrambled eggs and high-fiber cereals are to the list for the players. When it comes to dairies, low-fat milk is the best in this case. Fruits like berries, apples, and bananas also make a good breakfast accompaniment.

The snacks

NBA players are allowed to eat snacks at mid-morning. The essence is to keep the energy level up for the activities ahead. Instead of protein bars which most players in other categories use, the NBA players use whole foods as snacks. Popular snacks include nut buttes, yogurt, nuts, cheese and salami just to mention but a few. Apart from being a mid-morning snack, the players can have it whenever they are hungry.


The paleo-like diet is the main emphasis for lunch where players avoid any processed carbs. Therefore, it is crucial for them to have chicken and other poultry without the skin, lean meat without fat, vegetables, pasta and brown rice. Leafy and other vegetable salads also top the list of the lunch foods. Fruits are the recommended as the best dessert rather than the cakes and simple carbs sweets.


Dinner is the meal reserved for recovery of muscles and replenishing of the energy stores after a long day playing or exercising. Therefore, the diet is more focused on proteins and carbs. A great example is a grilled poultry meat or lean beef, potatoes or rice and salads. Most nutritionists will also recommend low-fat milk before you sleep.


Whether it is breakfast, dinner or any other time, drinking water and fruit juices are very important. The body of an NBA player must remain hydrated at all times. The nutritionist may also recommend various energy drinks which boost energy fast especially during a match break or exercises. Water is the primary recommended drink one should keep closer to themselves.