Latest MLB News: Atlanta Braves 2021 World Series Champions

That’s a wrap! With game 6 of the series, the Atlanta Braves win the World Series and close out the season with a game to spare. But that gives us a lot to talk about, today we’re going to be taking a look at the Braves 4-2 win to take the world series to see how they took home the Commissioner’s Trophy. Not only that, but with us plunging into the offseason, it’s time for trades! We’ll be looking at some of the best MLB odds for the biggest and wildest transfer rumours, if we’re all settled in, let’s get to it!

The Atlanta Braves lifted the Commissioner's Trophy after beating the Houston Astros 4-2 in a best of 7 winning the World Series. Source: McCovey Chronicles

Okay, first things first. The fact the Braves have won the World Series is huge, this is their first World Series since 1995. For those who haven’t checked recently we’re currently in 2021, that’s a 26 year wait for a World Series win! As a Liverpool (Football) and a Leafs (Hockey) fan, I know what it’s like to wait a long time for a major win, 30 years for Liverpool to win their 19th League Title and their first in the Premier League era, the Leafs? They’ve been waiting since the 60s for a Stanley Cup. So I know how it feels to wait a long time to see some silverware. Braves fans, soak it in. This is something you’ll be able to tell your kids about and your kids kids for YEARS to come! So own it, enjoy it like I know you all will!

But how did they do it? Well, the world series final is a best of 7 series, the Braves took it in 6. Even though they lost 2 games, they weren’t even necessarily bad in those games other than game 2 where they lost 7-2 they genuinely didn’t even struggle much, their other loss was a 9-5 in game 5, but in that game they still ended up with 5 runs scored. They pretty much cruised to victory, did they make it easy for themselves in the regular season? Most definitely not.

You know, no matter how you look at it, a team with a .547 win percentage during the regular season probably shouldn’t be winning the World Series, when you’ve got teams like Giants who won a whopping 107 games, the Dodgers hitting 106 wins and even the Rays hit triple digits in the win column, but of all the teams to make the world series this year, the Braves were the ONLY team to not record 90+ regular season wins. The only team with a worse regular season record to win a World Series are the 2006 St Louis Cardinals who went 83-76 with a .516 winning percentage, kinda crazy to think of it like that right?

It just goes to show you that when your big names step up to the plate and they’re ready to compete, anybody has a chance and that was definitely the case for the Braves, with players like Jorge Soler putting in a performance that gave him 3 homers in 6 games knocking one clear out of the park to gain the Braves a 3 run shot! But the biggest play was in acquiring the big names, phenomenal work by general manager Alex Anthopoulos, he did his research and got exactly what he deserved from it. Well done Alex and the team, a real Brave performance. I’m sorry, I’ll let myself out.

Freddie Freeman is a much sought after name this off season with the Braves potentially shopping him. Source: Sporting News

Maybe to the surprise of many, rumours have been flying about Freddie Freeman being traded by the Braves. After a pretty solid season, proving himself as a top tier defensive first baseman and line drive hitter, there seems to be a lot of interest in the potential of acquiring Freddie. Teams like the Astros, the Indians and the Mariners are all said to be interested.

It was announced yesterday that the Rangers have had 4 players clear outright waivers meaning they will be eligible for minor league free agency, those players are first basemen Curtis Terry and Ronald Guzmán, reliever Matt Bush and infielder Anderson Tejeda. There is some good experience to be picked up here for any potential suitors.

That’s gonna do it for this one, the off season is still young. There will be plenty more rumours flying around in the coming days, many teams looking to strengthen and let go of their perceived “dead wood” as it were, ready for next season to start. We’ll be keeping our ears to the ground to keep you posted as they come in! Are there any names you’re looking for your team to acquire, or even shift out the door?

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