New to Bases and Baskets? Or are you in search of some good sports writing? If you need a glimpse of the reason our site has hundreds of thousands of views and an international community you must check out some of these articles!

Traditional vs. scoring point guards: a statistical analysis

One of our final columns of 2012 involves a brand new statistic - TSR - that compares traditional and scoring point guards. See how we've created the number and what it's implications are based on our preliminary studies.

Love Him or Hate Him, We Are All Witnesses

This blog has numerous articles about NBA star LeBron James and this was the first of many and also the first article published here on Bases and Baskets! You may feel one way or another about LeBron James but here's my take.

2013 MLB Playoff Predictions

I've written multiple prediction articles for both the MLB and the NBA here on Bases and Baskets. This, however, is your go-to article for my predictions. Why is that? Well let's just say I predicted every single matchup correctly for the 2013 MLB Playoffs!!

The Home Run King*

Barry Bonds is a hero to San Francisco Giants fans. But after convicted steroid use in the court of public opinion and common sense, does he belong enshrined in the Hall of Fame? Read my opinion here and voice your own.

Kobe vs. LeBron: A Head-to-Head Comparison

Even though it does not include LeBron's recent NBA championship, this was far and away the most popular article on Bases and Baskets for months (now overtaken by our 2013 NBA Season Preview). Numbers don't lie and although this piece is spiced up with some qualitative analysis, I think stats are a great way to analyze these two players from essentially the same era of NBA basketball.

NBA Dynasties and the Increasing Concentration of Talent in Basketball

Boston, Miami and Oklahoma City all have their own version of a "Big Three." Here is a discussion of whether or not this is a good thing for the NBA and you (its fans)!

Exclusive Interview with Clyde Drexler

An interview with any professional athlete is priceless...but how about a HALL OF FAME athlete? This priceless one-on-one interview is a must-read!

1992 Dream Team vs. 2012 Team USA

For the most part, your average basketball fan would take Michael Jordan over anybody. Add in a couple (well actually 11) Hall of Famers and it seems ludicrous to propose taking any other team. Well, that is exactly what this article challenges. LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant? I'll take those guys, thank you very much.

2012 World Series: San Francisco Giants and the east coast bias

The second world championship for the San Francisco Giants in two years was incredible but somehow met with less recognition from the national media as opposed to east coast teams like the New York Yankees. This article delves into the various biases within baseball and seeks to shed some light on the fact that the west coast has proven they are well capable of competing during playoffs.

The 2012 World Series champions are the perfect model of a team

This article provides a thorough analysis of the Giants' spectacular playoff run and uses a metaphor to do the trick. Using Game 4, the clinching game for the sweep, as a way to represent the brilliant team effort the Giants put together despite season-long adversity shows the paragon for how to build a team and what a true team looks like.

Kobe vs. Jordan: A Complete Comparison of NBA Greats

Like our Kobe vs. LeBron article, this piece seeks to settle the debate between the two greatest shooting guards in NBA history. After reading this piece, rest assured there will be no doubt in your mind who is the better and greater player.

LeBron James: to respect or not to respect?

LeBron is undoubtedly one of the most controversial players in the NBA today. What this article does is try to delve into the subject of whether or not we should respect him as an ambassador of the game. Specifically, where does he fit in with the previous faces of the NBA, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant?

Defense doesn't always correlate to NBA championships

Do you love statistics and the NBA? Well you've come to the right place. We've all heard that "defense wins championships" but the history of the NBA might beg to differ (think 2001 Lakers). Check out this in-depth statistical analysis of how team offenses and defenses correlate to playoff and championship success in the NBA.

How NBA team salaries correlate to winning games

Everybody knows that NBA owners shell out insane amounts of money for big name players. Is it in an effort to actually win games or just entertain fans by maximizing the most possible box office players on one team? This stat analysis provides you with  the answers like you've never seen before.


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