Kevin Durant Will Go Off: Bold Predictions for Game 4, Spurs vs. Thunder

The Thunder proved in Game 3 that they will not just roll over and put a halt to the Spurs 20 game winning streak, which included sweeps in the first two rounds of the playoffs over the Los Angeles Clippers and Utah Jazz. A large part of the success that OKC had in Game 3 was due to their incredible home court advantage. While watching the game, your television is enveloped by a sea of blue to combine with the deafening chants of OKC pulling for their young stars.

Kevin Durant had a modest 22 points in Game 3, something that will surely change. Look for him to go off in Game 4. His youth and talent are energized by the incredible home court advantage, and that is a dangerous threat considering he is a three time scoring champion. He could easily put on a 40 point show.

OKC’s number two, Russell Westbrook, probably feeds off of the crowd more than any player on the team. His numbers in Game 3 don’t fully represent the tremendous impact he had on the game, but he should be able to rack up 25 points in Game 4.

With a combination of Derek Fisher, Thabo Sefolosha, and James Harden coming off the bench, someone will step up. San Antonio will lock in on Sefolosha, the most valuable player for the Thunder in Game 3, which will limit his impact. This will open up opportunities for Fisher, who was on fire in Game 1, and Harden, who will provide enough diversion to help Durant have a big night. Fisher and Harden will chip in 25 to 30 points.

Although it is looking grim, I did pick the Thunder to make it to the NBA Finals before the playoffs begun. Game 4 should give me some false hope. Whether or not they can win in San Antonio is in large part in the hands of their young point guard, something I think does not bode well for Thunder fans. However, the combination of the young talent at home looks good for Scott Brooks’ squad for tomorrow night. OKC will win Game 4 by at least 10 points.

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