Why the Miami Heat should take a chance with Andrew Bynum

After Andrew Bynum’s recent suspension by the Cavaliers for conduct detrimental to the team, the formerly dominating big man is on his way out of his second city in as many years. Both the 76ers and Cavaliers gambled hoping that Bynum would help their cause but that has ended poorly for both franchises. His unimpressive eight points and five rebounds per game this year on an abysmal 41.9 percent from the field culminated in what one Cavs insider brought to light:
To their credit, the Cavs only risked $6 million guaranteed on the Bynum but with his value at an all-time low, trading him will not permit them to take much home in return. This is the perfect situation for a Miami team that has no true starting center. Although they are working on rehabbing with Greg Oden, his ceiling is limited at this point. In a pre-game training session in Sacramento, Oden did not look very mobile.

I certainly would not put my money on sites where you can check your lines like SBO.ag because I don’t see him holding up for more than 15 minutes per game…if that. Chris Bosh has more than held his own this season, and just the other day reminded everybody that he is still a star in this lead despite being teammates with two superstars:

The Heat could use a true big man, nonetheless. It gives Bosh the freedom to spread the floor with his above-average ability to hit jumpers and puts LeBron back in his normal position at the small forward. Spoelstra has been a magician working the lineups for Miami and it is exactly because of this that he would have no problem integrating Bynum into his rotations.

Andrew Bynum’s main issue is not on the court, though, it’s off. And this is exactly why Miami is the perfect place for him. LeBron James has developed into a premiere leader on and off the court (just drop by his Instagram page and you’ll see that his camaraderie with his teammates goes beyond just his team-first mentality in game).

The combination of King James and team president Pat Riley is remarkably similar to another model professional sports franchise: the New England Patriots. With Tom Brady and Robert Kraft leading the way, the Patriots have felt comfortable enough to give opportunity to some of the NFL’s trouble-makers, including Randy Moss and Chad Johnson (or Ochocinco or whatever name he goes by nowadays…).

It only would take a small contract to see if Bynum is worth the trouble and in a low-risk/high-reward opportunity, if Miami can strike gold like they did with the recent pre-season pick-up of Michael Beasley, a three-peat becomes even more tangible.

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