Oklahoma City Thunder Outlook: Will Durant manage to get the title?

During the 2013-14 NBA Season, the rim has been kind to the Oklahoma City Thunder.  Kevin Durant is leading the league in points per game with an average of 31.5 points scored during each outing.  The race between he and nearest competitor Carmelo Anthony is a fun one to watch this season. Kevin Durant holds the edge over Anthony in every measurable category, and this year, it seems that he has the edge in the immeasurable category of “heart” as well. Durant is playing with fire and passion during this seventh season of his accolade filled career.

Durant is on fire, not just in his ability to put the ball in the hole, and his defensive skills are honed as well. He averages almost one block per game, and 1.5 steals per game during regular season play so far. With this track record, it is almost a sure thing for him to have the elusive title at the end of the season that he has been working so hard to achieve.

Oklahoma City Thunder has had an impressive run with a ten-game win streak. Six of those wins, were road wins. The cohesive unit of the Thunder is gelling well this year. With Serge Ibaka ranked second in the league for blocks per game and a team on fire with desire to seek a championship, Durant’s teammates are continuing to be successful at working to keep the ball on the offensive end of the court.

The Thunder is not a one-star team, but Durant is shining brightly this year. He has been shooting consistently all year.  And as long as he remains injury free, it is likely that he will be honored with the title this year. As of yet, his opponents have been unable to shut him down. Give credit where credit is due, as well. Ball movement and ball handling are keys to open looks. Durant cannot do it alone, nor should he have to do so. And, The Thunder is showcasing their talents in every area of play each time they take to the court. Watch Oklahoma NBA Live Stream games online and lots more live sports streaming tv matches from major leagues and sports.

Teams around the nation must feel dread and anticipation when they see the Thunder coming up on their schedule. Fierce play and determination is building The Thunder’s reputation as a powerful force to be reckoned with this season. During the preseason and the early start of the regular season play, their losses have been close scrappy games. Losses were few and far between, until February. Losing the February Five only proves that teams are preparing more for the Thunder’s arrival. And, even in one of the most recent losses, Kevin Durant’s performance was nothing short of stellar. He scored 42 points against the Clippers on February 23.

Durant and the Thunder can refocus on the upcoming games ahead leaving the discouragement of the February Five behind and march ahead into the final stretch with determination and an eye on the prize. This year the safe bet is on Durant and The Thunder.

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