NBA Eastern Conference Teams: Regular Season Win Totals, 2000 to 2015

Not much writing in this particular article. I was curious to observe how NBA teams regular season win totals rise and fall from year to year and thought that an aesthetically appealing way to represent this data is graphically. Here is Part I of my two-part series: the regular season win totals from 2000 to 2015. Part II will, of course, be the Western Conference. If I get ambitious, maybe Part III will materialize (a stat piece on the trends observed). Chances of that happening are only slightly higher than the Milwaukee Bucks winning in 6.

A couple important notes: I prorated the 2011-12 season (lockout) and 2014-15 NBA seasons (not yet completed). While we're speaking about the lockout season, I discovered that it was the 66th NBA season and the regular season has 66 games. Anyway, moving on... 

I did the prorating using that year's winning percentage and extrapolating it over the traditional 82-game season. The notes that I included aren't supposed to be the main highlights. They're two or three (or four) things that I thought were worth including so there is subjectivity in the history I cherrypicked.

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